Burgers & Breakthroughs

Yesterday, I had my first shift at the local burger joint I mentioned in Milkshakes & Mops. In case you were wondering, I wore another Star Wars shirt and milkshake ended up all over Princess Leia (RIP Carrie Fisher). I really enjoyed the work – taking food orders, calling it back to the cooks, making drinks and milkshakes. I have worked with food and drinks before (at a Starbucks licensed store inside of a Safeway), but it has been a really long time (like over 10 years).

At one point during my shift, I started talking to my new boss about why I was doing what I was doing – working at the burger place, cleaning houses, doing deliveries, blogging, etc. I told him that I was taught that success came from work that others would deem valuable – such as high pay, specialized jobs, or highly valued/respected industries. Burger flipping wasn’t any of these things. Serving food, cleaning houses, delivery – none of these occupations would be considered respected or valued or high in pay. It somewhat shocked me to realize (i.e. my breakthrough) that my reasons for doing this were to re-evaluate and and redefine my definition for success. I am exhausted by my efforts to get a degree when no one thing seems to fit. I am over the judgment from others and the harsh criticisms I place on myself for no good reason. I am not doing all of this just to break free of the 9 to 5 – I want to stop making myself feel bad for not “succeeding” in the 9 to 5, and I really want to help others do the same. That is what this blog is all about. Off we go!

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