The Last Job

I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours. — Hunter S. Thompson

My parents went to work like every other mom and dad I knew. My dad worked long hours as a welder and my mom worked every day cleaning houses. The thing that set my mom apart, though, was that she was always her own boss. She owned her own business and had the freedom to choose her clients, dates she worked, and how much money she made. She could pick my brother and me up from school and take us to a movie (it happened). She could be there when we got home if she wanted, or come pick us up from school if we were sick. As a child, I saw this as having freedom and I knew that I wanted it, too.

As I got older, I struggled with the idea of having a 9-to-5, and my first jobs lasted mere days or weeks. My desire for job freedom was so strong that I tried starting a business when I was 11, but my lack of knowledge and resources didn’t allow me to get far. Unrelated to my desire for job freedom, I struggled with depression. At age 20, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II and that issue coupled with being unmedicated made it nearly impossible to hold down a job for longer than a year or two.

As of the date of this post, I am 33-years-old living in Seattle with my husband and dog. Even though I am currently medicated for my mental illness, I still struggle with holding down work. It isn’t just my mental illness or desire for job freedom that holds me back – I am also what some would consider a multipotentialite. I have many interests and passions and I want to pursue all of them in due time. I don’t want to limit myself to just one thing, which is why I have $50,000+ in student loan debt and no degree – I could never decide on what career path to pursue.

So you may be asking yourself where I’m going with all of this. I decided to stop trying to force myself into the 9-to-5 mold. Instead, I am signing myself up for every job platform (e.g. Wag, Instacart, Handy, and TaskRabbit) app I can think of. My hope in starting this blog is to chronicle my efforts in obtaining freedom from the 9-to-5 through working for myself. I am going back to my roots and cleaning houses. I will also be working for a local burger joint part-time (1-2 days per week) for a little stability. I hope you’ll follow me on this journey.

My bucket of cleaning supplies