Dentists & Deliveries

Today was an interesting day. My husband had a dentist appointment that I forgot about, so I had to drive him about 30 minutes away (our dentist is amazing). Walked the dog, got gas and drove like a bat out of hell to pick up an order for a delivery job I had through TaskRabbit. I live in Seattle – Microsoft is HUGE here and they have over 1,000,000 sq ft office space in the Puget Sound Area. In fact, my last “real” job was working for a real estate & facilities management company. One of their contracts is managing all of Microsoft’s facilities in this area. My job was supervising the night team and helping dispatch out issues. Funny story – the company had a call center in India. They would get the calls/chats from Microsoft employees. The people in India would then call us and we would call the actual plumber/electrician/whatever to do the work. It’s all very inefficient and a sore subject for the people on my ex-team.

Anywho, back to my delivery. City Center Plaza is a large office building in Downtown Bellevue, which is probably about 20 minutes outside of Seattle. I had to pick up the delivery from a local sandwich shop and then deliver to City Center Plaza. I had never been there before so I somehow overlooked the clearly labeled elevators that told me that floors 1-14 were accessed from the elevators on my left (I needed floor 2). Instead, I hopped in the right side set of elevators and had a fun ride all the way to the 26th floor, and then all the way back down. I still managed to complete my delivery in under 15 minutes from pick up to drop off. DAMN, I’m good – although my customer still hasn’t acknowledged the delivery, nor tipped me. Then again, I charge $17/hour for deliveries with a 1 hr minimum so…cool.

After finishing up with the delivery, my husband was done at the dentist so I jetted back across town to pick him up. We found out we owe the dentist $800 on top of the $400 we just paid. Tell me again why insurance is mandatory if they don’t cover everything we need?

When we got home, I had just enough time to shower and load of the car before driving another 30 minutes away to my cleaning job, thanks to Handy (another job app I’ll blog more about later). Before I dive into this job, let me say that the person who hired me wrote on the listing that the home was 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. When I arrived and found myself standing in front of a giant house (later to be discovered as having 4 bedrooms – 5 if you include the office downstairs and 2.5 bathrooms), I panicked a little bit. I had never cleaned a large house before. EVERY FLOORSPACE WAS HARDWOOD (or really nice laminate) and it ALL needed to be swept and mopped. I only have a basic Swiffer and a steam mop (mentioned here) and this was a big job. I’ll admit I rushed a bit because I was afraid I wouldn’t get done in time. I did the dishes, wiped the counters, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, swept, mopped…and by the time I was done, I was sweating like crazy and completely drained. But I managed to finish in 2.5 hrs. Was it perfect? No. But I feel that I did a 3/5 star job. My client didn’t agree and gave me a 1 star. Today was exhausting and I am ending it with a pineapple frozen fruit bar and American Idol. I hope this gets easier.