Comparison: Handy vs. TaskRabbit

It’s time for the blog post you’ve all been waiting for (or not – I have very few followers at the moment). This is a comparison post of the Handy platform and the TaskRabbit platform.



Pay rate: In Seattle, you can make either $20 or $25 per hour, depending on the tier you’re in (1 or 2). Handy doesn’t make it clear which tier you belong to, but I gathered that it has to do with the number of jobs you complete.

Fees against the Handy Pro (i.e. the person completing jobs):

  • Cancellations: In the United States, if a Handy Pro cancels a job under 48 hrs before the start of the job, they are charged between $10 and $50 as a cancellation fee – the amount depends on how close to the job it is before canceling.
  • Late arrival: If you are late and don’t communicate with the customer, you are charged a $15 fee.
  • Missed job: See cancellation fee info.
  • Early departure: Handy’s help articles state that if you leave a job early, you’ll be charged a fee, but they don’t state how much the fee is.
  • Key Replacement: If you lose a customer’s key (to access their home for a job), you’ll be charged a $25 replacement fee.
  • Damaged/Lost Item: If you lose or damage a customer item, you’ll be responsible for a $5 fee to “cover the costs of the claim”.

Finding work: The handy app lists available jobs that a customer has posted. You can look at these per day. You can claim jobs by clicking on the job and claiming it. Once a job is claimed, you receive the exact location of the job and it will be added to your schedule through the Handy app. Note: The number of jobs you claim vs. the number you complete (Handy calls it the “Keep Rate”) matters in terms of how many jobs you’ll have access to claiming through the platform. If your Keep Rate is below 85%, you won’t be able to claim jobs further in the future (e.g. you won’t see jobs for next week, only this week).

Billing: Once the job is complete, you mark the job complete and the flat rate for the job is added to your Handy account. The job amount is based on the job multiplied by the number of estimated hours it should take to complete the job. There’s no way for the Handy Pro to add time to the job. The customer must do that on their end.

Job rating: Customers have the opportunity to provide a rating for you once the job is completed, 1 to 5 stars. This rating impacts whether or not you can remain on the app, among other factors such as late arrivals, cancellations, etc.



Pay rate: You choose. TaskRabbit provides you with feedback on whether or not your rates are too low, too high, or just right based on current market supply & demand and your experience on the app. The more jobs you complete, the more likely you are to get hired at a higher rate. For example, I began at $17/hour in early June and I am now at $22/hour.

Fees against the Tasker (i.e. the person completing jobs): ZERO. That’s right. TaskRabbit does not charge the tasker a single fee – not for late arrivals, cancellations, or anything else. The customer, however, gets charged for canceling late on a tasker, and for booking the job. TaskRabbit charges the customer X number of dollars, minus a 15% service fee. The cancellation fee against the customer is 1 hr of the tasker’s time. For example, if a customer cancels on me at the last minute, they must compensate me for one hour of my time at my hourly rate at the time of the booking.

Finding work: The customers come to you! Once you set up your rates, you can set your availability about 2 weeks out in advance. This makes you available for customers to search and book you. No need to do the busy work there.

Billing: Once the job is complete, you’ll create the customer invoice through the platform. Enter the number of hours you worked and any expenses you incurred and it will be sent to the customer. When the customer receives the invoice, they can choose to leave a tip. You have complete control over how many hours you bill the customer for.

Job rating: Ratings from customers are a thumbs up or thumbs down, which they can make better by leaving specific comments. You also have business metrics, such as response rate, acceptance rate, and completion rate. Your metrics and your rating help get clients.


Overall Assessment:

My overall assessment is that TaskRabbit reigns supreme. While you can’t go looking for your own jobs on the TaskRabbit platform, you do have more control over how and when you do the work. TaskRabbit allows you to communicate with your client easily and gives you the ability to reschedule or cancel as needed. TaskRabbit provides a better experience to Taskers by providing more flexibility overall. The main benefit of Handy is the ability to claim jobs rather than waiting for someone to hire you. However, I have found that receiving jobs isn’t difficult.

I hope this comparison helps provide you with the information you need to choose a platform for your independent work! Stay tuned for more updates and helpful tips!

Feelings & Financials

It’s time to review how well things are going for me since leaving full-time work to pursue freelance endeavors. Let’s start with the mushy stuff.


I feel really good about what I’m doing. I have the flexibility to make my own schedule. I can set my own hours, pick which jobs I want to do, and charge what I want (I sell myself short in this department because I want to get clients quickly). The only thing I’m hating right now is toilets. They all smell the same and I’m tired of cleaning them. Also, tubs and showers are the WORST! See below for proof.


Now onto the interesting part of this post – how much money have I made? Is it really worth it?

Since I began (May 23rd), I have made $1,119 for 55.75 hours. This works out to be $20.07/hour. Of this $1,119, I have made $97.62 in tips.

How are my earning comparing to my old job? Considering how much money one needs to make in order to afford a 2-bedroom apartment ($36.12/hour), I’m not doing great. This really isn’t enough to support me, my husband, and our dog. I would need to work over 50 hrs per week in order to make what I was making before, assuming I continue to earn a little over $20/hour. But we have a large 3-bedroom apartment in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. We have debt, a car payment, and a fat dog that needs to be fed. If I were a single person renting a room or a student trying to make extra cash, this would work out nicely for me.

The real question here, though, is: is it worth it? Cleaning for a living isn’t an easy job. Honestly, it’s often disgusting and it’s seriously exhausting. But there are also a lot of really great things about it. It gives me time to think about my life and my future plans and endeavors. It’s also a great way to zone out – it’s surprisingly relaxing, in some ways. If people are there, I get to have interesting conversations about their lives. I learn a lot about the people I clean for through their messes and the stuff they own. And like I said before – I can make my own hours and do things how I want to do them and that is really invaluable. I’m going to continue this for awhile and see how it goes.

Stay tuned – my next blog post will be comparing Handy and TaskRabbit. Which should you use for booking cleaning gigs?

P.S. The below kitty is a client’s kitty who REALLY likes to sit on the clean laundry as I attempt to fold it. ❤